Carnival of Aces Call for Submissions

2 Aug

Hello there!

Welcome to the fifth edition of A Carnival of Aces! This is actually being published on a queue because I’m going to have limited time with the Internet until Sunday the 7th. So hopefully it works.

For the unfamiliar, a blog carnival is an event which collects blog posts (or, in this case, other types of submissions) centered on a specific theme. Carnivals can be one-time events or can continue on a periodic basis, like this one, which has been going on a once-a-month schedule. The Carnival of Aces focuses on material related to asexuality, demisexuality, and grey-asexuality. Your submissions need to deal with these in some way, as well as the current theme.

Betraying my book geek origins (my superhero identity was born in a library), the theme for this month is literature and media representation. I’ll post the round-up of submissions on or just after September 1st.


You can submit things in the following ways:

– Leave a link in a comment on this post, in my Tumblr askbox, or PM me at my Dreamwidth.
– E-mail me a link to your submission at
– If you have nowhere to post, contact me through e-mail and we’ll see where we can put it. I will not host guest posts on Tumblr or YouTube/Vimeo, but I could do the WordPress site or my Dreamwidth.


– Submissions must in some way relate to the theme and asexuality/demisexuality/gray-asexuality/something under the ace umbrella.
– I’ll accept submissions at any time. The deadline for getting onto the first draft of the round-up post is September 1st, which is when most people will see it, but I’ll keep adding things to the post if you submit after that date.
– Your submissions need to have been created before September 1st (sorry for the typo earlier).
– I’ll accept pretty much any form of communication. Read the accessibility concerns if you’re submitting or linking to non-text items.
– Let me know if you want to remain anonymous.
– Please provide trigger warnings in your submission if you discuss or feature potentially triggering materials.

Accessibility Concerns

– If you’re submitting or linking to an image, include an image description. If you’re hosting your image somewhere that doesn’t allow image descriptions, or linking to an image without one, put the image description in the comment/e-mail you send to me, or elsewhere in the text of your submission.
– If you’re submitting a video, provide a useful description or transcript of the video contents. Captions or the option to use auto-captioning is nice as well, but auto-captioning is not always successful, and even with captions video is still inaccessible to some people.
– If you submit a song, submit the text of the lyrics as well.

Ideas for posts include (I use “ace continuum” to refer to asexual, demisexual, and grey-asexual people):

– What kind of media you want to see the ace continuum in
– Things you find to be anti-ace continuum in current media
– Where you’ve seen good representations before (so, yes, I’ll accept rec lists of fanfic, or book reviews)
– Your head canons for characters you like to interpret as being on the ace continuum
– A wish list of what you want to see in ace continuum characters (as I’ve asked Sciatrix already)
– Specific concerns you have about people portraying the ace continuum or characters within it
– What thoughts and troubles you have when writing ace continuum characters (ex. my posts on being concerned about how to talk about asexuality and my own experience in writing)
– Fanfic and fanart
– Original stories or artwork
– Why media representation is important to you


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